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If you believe you've discovered a security vulnerability on Deputy, please proceed to fill out this form with a thorough explanation of the vulnerability. Please give us reasonable time to investigate and mitigate the issue before sharing information with others, and note that we reserve the right to publish your report.
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What is the flaw itself? Could it be XSS or a privacy issue where a user can see some information that they shouldn't be able to see? Perhaps an authentication check is missing somewhere. What can you do with it? An XSS issue lets you run JavaScript under A CSRF might do something sensitive, such as add a verified email address to an account.
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This is the most important part. Ideally, we'd like you to provide proof of concept or the steps to reproduce the problem for ourselves. Please include what browser you were using or what version of mobile software, if appropriate. Even if you are unsure how you triggered the bug and can't supply full reproduction steps, providing clear details about what happened could help us narrow down the issue.
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